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Research Paper: The Affects of Social Media in Education

For my final paper I decided to research social media and the affect it has on education. I focused in the pros and cons of its affects with adolescents in the education system, well as future aspect it may have on education. When narrowing my research from grades 6-12th, I found more affective research. With in the research shown there are a lot of things you need to be aware of when letting your child be in the social media realm.  From the journal article I found more negative aspects of social media in education, then I did positive. Also finding a lot of psychological aspect of negative behaviors when dealing with social media. Through my data I showed how gaming, and online literature is changing the way adolescents are acting in school. What I found to be the most interesting research was that online literature is changing the way people communicate not only in real life, but also at school. It is interesting to see that people are using social media as a new platform for literature. I found my findings important because it shows a lot different sides to what the future of social media is becoming. What I learned was that social media is taking over not only the world but also, the education system. For the future we are expected to basically live a life of social media. That means it will most likely take over the education system.

What do you think about social media when it comes to education? Do you think it seen as good or bad? Do you think that it could one day take over the education system? What pros and cons can you think of that affect social media in education?

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